Tophop AW1011 collection
Images via Fashionista.com
Sooo excited for this stuff to hit the shelves.. Topshop are so spot on this fall it's killing me!
Images via MFPEPE.COM
MFP-Maria Francesca Pepe AW1011 Collection ''IN THE WOODS''
Maria Francesca Pepe's AW10 collection is a harmony of crosses, leather, teeth, metal and fur, think a midnight stroll in the woods at fullmoon. The raw and natural imagery of the pieces combined with the most luxurious textures is a combination I am more than sold on. Pepe is known for incorporating her jewellery into her clothes, a growing trend with the likes of Holly Fulton, Mary Katrantzou and Fannie Schiavoni all practising this same idea in their own ways. I'll be dreaming of getting my hands on the cross rings in the first pic and one of the abstract 3D cross bangles... at least I'll be well protected from vampires!