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Somerset House pics, Myself (wearing Adam Tuxedo Jacket, Topshop Shirt, Topshop Shoes and Bag) EVIL TWIN collection and LEJU Jewellery Horn Rings
Well I had said a few posts back how this blog was an extension of all the things me and Minnie love about fashion, photography and styling... however this season I feel I have been well and truly bitten by the blogger bug! I have an itch to blog at all times and as you can see for the first time we've been posting everyday! Really it shows how inspiring fashion week is; it spurs everyone to go forth and create for the season to come, be it blogging, styling, photography and so on. 
London Fashion Week is now over but we have so much to post about, above is another photo diary around Somerset House. The evil twin collection in the designer exhibition was stunning yet effortless/edgy yet wearable, these Australian designers seem to get that balance right every time and all the pieces could translate so easily straight into my wardrobe! Another favourite of ours was the Leju jewellery, made from real animal horn (after animals have died naturally we were well informed) that make for natural, ethical and earthy statements to add to the jewellery stash. Each one is slightly different from the next which makes the collection all the more intriguing, we're definitely sold! 

Boots of my dreams. Thought I would share the love <3


This season Alexander Wang grew up. Not only did he mature he shed all that is black. The models wore white and pastels in the usual sportswear style; layered joggers, knits, draping and denim in the new clean palette that mirrored Wang's feeling of purity and calmness. The metallic duck tape was a contrast to the natural and ethical materials with something very artificial, Wang commented he was interested in the idea of patchwork and building upon things. Overall the collection was an urban warrior uniform for the Wang Tribe...tell me where to sign up!
You know it's a good collection when you are trying to edit down to just 12 looks out of 39 and you love them all too much to make a decision. This was the dilemma I was faced with when looking through the Proenza Schouler collection. The fresh label has been going from strength to strength with it's cool surfer style and this season was no exception. It was a slightly more 'polished' look- a reoccurring theme for designers this seaon- as they sprang into spring. The tie die prints were another hit, along with the sheer floaty dress and the flat sandals. The neon pops have not gone away and the electric palette is what every Proenza girl loves. 
 It is somewhat more refined than previous collections- remember the artistic cobweb de-constructed dresses that made us all swoon- but it still made me want to sweep my hair to one side and frolic in the garden in any of their beautifully constructed dresses! Highlights had to be the subtle cut-away details, homely prints and the perfect trousers; not to mention the large box pleat dresses and drape wrap skirts AND the Rodarte x Kirkwood shoes (previously posted about here). It was Grace Coddington who said 'Those poor god damn Rodarte's' in The September Issue... well I think it's safe to say no one is feeling sorry for the sisters with this collection!
4# RAG & BONE 
Here at The Fashion Smoke we loved Rag & Bone's Fall collection...Clueless meets 90s grunge how could you not like it... so it was always going to be a hard act to follow. Although some have said SS11 didn't quite hit the mark- I have to disagree and it's how I intend to be dressing come next summer. From the military detailing and parachute-esque ties and structure, to the sheer layering, sports bras and metallic touches, it all made for a wearable collection that I shall not be complaining about!
Diesel have unleashed my inner boho that was just dying to come out. I may have to plan a round trip around America to rock all the suede's, leather and feathers. The leather on leather outfit was a nice extension of the denim on denim from the previous season and suede is going to be the new denim according to Black Gold. The flowing dresses in earthy colours and natural prints were the perfect contrast to the tougher trouser looks. It was wild west but with enough subtly to stop it looking fancy dress. Get me to a rodeo.

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images by THE FASHION SMOKE please credit if used
Topshop everything really... I must start shopping around more!
My anti-fashion brother found this hat hilarious...his words were 'All you're missing are some corks and you'd be crocodile dundee', well I will certainly bare that in mind for Halloween! Dundee or not it was love at first sight when I saw this feathery fedora. It was an impulse buy at the oxford circus Topshop on a quiet break from the fashion week madness... it must be impossible to go in that place without leaving with something, feather fedora exhibit A. I have said it before and I will say it again, it is not where you buy things from it is what you buy. Many times I have been asked where things are from and people are surprised when the reply is more times than not Topshop. There are certain items on the high street which sell out at the weekend, the latest fashion tee or ruffle dress and often through their popularity these are noticeably high street. The quirkier finds at the back of rails or lurking unwanted in the sale are normally what grab my attention. Granted this hat is probably an extremely popular choice but with accessories it is what you wear them with that makes it your own. Of course if I had the dosh I'd be dressed in head-to-toe Acne, Wang, Opening Ceremony and so on... and even then I wouldn't be able to resist a cheeky purchase in the Oxford Street Topshop!

images by THE FASHION SMOKE please credit if used
We caught Alexa Chung coming out of the Burberry show (excuse the slightly blurry pics they were taken in a hurry!) and she looked even more stunning in person. We'd seen her last season as well and couldn't believe just how tall and skinny she is in the flesh! I like Alexa's style a lot... not quite as much as Americans seem to love it as I suppose us Brits are used to that scruffy/unique London look whereas the yanks go crazy for it! I love how there is the perfect balance between glamorous and effortless with the frayed hem and rustic jewellery, messy hair and fresh face and somehow it all still looks so stylish with the patent ankle boots and studded bag. What do you think of her style?


Nicholas Kirkwood Designer Exhibition
This is some serious shoe-lust, obviously it's Kirkwood so with his unique designs shoe-lust kind of comes with the territory. This September in the designer exhibition of Somerset House we couldn't wait to discover what Kirkwood had to display, last season saw the candle wax heels in an array of colours and this season was no disappointment. The super-heels were covered in wood grain etches and parquet floor pattern, with glazed woodland-esque heels. Wedges had ornate bric-a-brac clusters with luxurious baroque patterned leather similar to the intricate designs mirrored in Somerset House ceilings. Feather weight ruffle shoes were next on my wish list as they sat like fluffy ballerinas on the shelf. It was a collection that conjured images of opera houses and royal retreats with magnificent ceilings, chandeliers and gardens that stretch for acres... whether this was the inspiration for the collection I don't actually know! Either way each shoe is absolutely a piece of baroque art in its own right and I can only dream of one day wearing something so insanely beautiful!

Vogue Nippon Website
Street style snapped by Vogue Nippon at Somerset House, check it out HERE along with the rest of the street style at London Fashion Week....I'm very excited my picture came just before Ms Anna Dello Russo herself, pretty amazing! Thanks Vogue :)

MAC MAKE-UP, Topshop Oversized Jumper, Topshop Lambs Wool Gilet, ASOS and Vintage Rings


Each season, in the BFC tents, press can book in with MAC to have a make-over...and you're looking at the result of mine! This lippy is the one I revealed in a previous post, and as promised, here it is in all its glory. The MAC consultant shared my view that lipstick is difficult to get right, when it cracks, bleeds and smudges, it can be hard to keep looking perfect. So the solution to my woes is a lip primer! She started with said primer and then continued to fill my lips in with a lip brush, it seems lip liner is optional but to define the lip shape it can be handy. To complete the look she dusted a layer of black shadow over the top and eh voila... a perfect velvet pout! According to the pros this season's trend is 'CASHMINK'- think velvet finishes and cashmere softness, it's expensive and flawless with a creamy matte finish for fall... from skin, to eye-shadow and of course to the lips!

Shirt Topshop, Skull Necklace (worn as bracelet) ASOS, Vintage Cross and Spike Necklace Vintage, YSL Ring, Asos Armour Ring
Quite enjoying the symmetry going on between me and the tree in the first pic- it's like my silhouette in tree form... just an observation! As for the treasure in the second pic, more is definitely more recently especially mixing different metals, plus a bit of forest green polish seems to go a long way!


Topshop Coat, Vintage Shirt, Topshop Shoes, ASOS Bag, Vintage Cross Necklace, Vintage Rings and YSL ring
First day of London Fashion Week kicked off today and I'm still in love with the Somerset house setting. We managed to make our way around part of the designer exhibitions in-between shows, and oh my, were there some serious delights on display! Amongst all the shoes, accessories and clothes- it was the jewellery that caught our magpie eyes the most and I can't wait to share more of the incredible pics very soon!

Topshop Camel Coat, Thrifted wool dress
I felt this camel coat needed some soft focus to enhance its vintage style. It makes me feel like I have grabbed my boyfriends coat by mistake and I mean that in the best possible way. I love how it makes a statement without trying too hard with its sexy masculine proportions. The sleeves start beyond the shoulder which makes it the ideal shape to through over the shoulders a-la-cape-style. It's simple, it's classic and for gods sake it's camel- it can do no wrong! London fashion week is nearly upon us and I'm sure you'll spot me wearing this coat every day as I can't seem to take it off- it's a problem. I will try and post more, although this blog is just an expression of things that interest me as and when I feel, but I'm aiming to blog like a pro through fashion week with outfit pics-a-plenty! Who knows I may keep it up... 

Michael Kors Watch, Two Vintage Watches, Swarovski cuff, Miss Selfridge Coat, Topshop Tassel Bag, YSL ring
Can't quite believe September has crept up so fast, but I couldn't be more excited for the fashion weeks that await, let alone the months of wrapping up in coats like this one when those bitter mornings roll in. I'm also looking forward to Fashion's Night Out tomorrow in London...I didn't manage to get to last years one so I'm very happy I can attend this year, check out all that will be happening here, I can't wait!