29.11.10 | TWENTY-ONE
I celebrated the big 21 this weekend and I'm now feeling sufficiently spoilt! It has been said the best gifts come in blue and white boxes a la Tiffany... but it is now official all the best gifts come in net-a-porter boxes! I plan to do a very self indulgent post of all my presents very soon as they are too good not to share :)
 With Christmas now a snowballs throw away net-a-porter have the perfect goodies to add to the wish list and for lots of gift inspiration, plus there's no need to get the santa wrapping paper out as everything comes so beautifully packaged...in black and white boxes FYI. Perfect.


16.11.10 | IF I CAN MAKE IT HERE...

Images by THE FASHION SMOKE please credit if used
It seems like a lifetime ago me and Minnie were living in New York, although it was only 6months ago. Manhattan is just another world!! Of all the places I've travelled to I've never felt more at home than here and since we've been back in rainy England I've been dreaming of the day I get to move back! Working at Teen vogue was amazing as well and elevator run ins with Anna Wintour have not been forgotten in a hurry! Anyway above are some photos we were reminiscing over so we thought we'd bring a bit of New York to the gloomy November we're having here in England! 


09.11.10 | FULTON EFFECT
Images by THE FASHION SMOKE please credit if used
Holly Fulton SS11
It's no secret we're obsessed with jewellery but throw in some Cave Girl prints and some Sid Vicious studs and you're on to a winner! We flocked like magpies to Holly Fulton's SS11 line in the Topshop NewGen Exhibition and you'd be hard pushed not to make a statement in any of her pieces. From neo tribal-print dresses in an array of colours and textures to jewellery turned heavy weaponry and of course the cheetah clutches, everything screams buy me! Although our favourite colour may be black... we'd certainly make a colourful exception for Holly.


07.11.10 | HART OF HEARTS

Image by THE FASHION SMOKE please credit if used
Jess Hart at LFW
Sorry for the serious drought of posts recently! Final year studying Fashion Journalism and needless to say the work load is frighteningly time consuming. There are some style posts up our sleeves however so hopefully we will post them soon! Until then here is a little pic of Jess Hart we snapped at Fashion Week. I know we say this about every model/celeb we meet...but we could not get over how TINY she was! Being a swimwear model I thought she would be a lot more athletic in shape but she was just simply mi-nute, stunning, but tiny nonetheless. Love her <3