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Topshop everything really... I must start shopping around more!
My anti-fashion brother found this hat hilarious...his words were 'All you're missing are some corks and you'd be crocodile dundee', well I will certainly bare that in mind for Halloween! Dundee or not it was love at first sight when I saw this feathery fedora. It was an impulse buy at the oxford circus Topshop on a quiet break from the fashion week madness... it must be impossible to go in that place without leaving with something, feather fedora exhibit A. I have said it before and I will say it again, it is not where you buy things from it is what you buy. Many times I have been asked where things are from and people are surprised when the reply is more times than not Topshop. There are certain items on the high street which sell out at the weekend, the latest fashion tee or ruffle dress and often through their popularity these are noticeably high street. The quirkier finds at the back of rails or lurking unwanted in the sale are normally what grab my attention. Granted this hat is probably an extremely popular choice but with accessories it is what you wear them with that makes it your own. Of course if I had the dosh I'd be dressed in head-to-toe Acne, Wang, Opening Ceremony and so on... and even then I wouldn't be able to resist a cheeky purchase in the Oxford Street Topshop!



  1. Hi Phie Phie!
    Great hat :) Thanks for the visit

  2. Oh well, what does your brother know anyway right? I think the outfit is great, and the hat with the feathers is just such a nice touch! x


  3. amazing look! i love how your brother described your hat its too funny. thank you for your sweet comment :) im loving your blog - following!

    hope you'll visit me again soon and follow -xo


  4. Soooo pretty! You are soooo rockin' in this outfit! Love it!
    Big kiss,
    xo Beckerman Girls


  5. the hat is so freaking incredible. and i love your sleeves!


  6. In love with your site, your writing, and your taste in fashion. x o x o

  7. Totally agree with the statement saying it's not where you buy but what you buy. Recently a sales assistant loved a crochet fringed dress I found on it's own in H&M but she hadn't spotted it even though she worked there! Love the hat by the way. I'm looking for the perfect hat right now.
    Would love to hear from you on my blog - www.lovefromloulou.blogspot.com

  8. love the pics!! Thank you for checking out SGYS. Your blog is very lovely!

    Any tips?



  9. That hat is incredible! And it looks fab on you. So pretty1 Gosh I wish I could pull it off I'd look like a right plonker ha x