04.12.10 | LYCHEE MOI
Image by The Fashion Smoke
Out in London last week I discovered I have a new favourite cocktail- The Lychee Martini. They have the most incredible taste with a lethal hit of alcohol so if you haven't tried one before then I strongly advise you do! 
Not to forget my new favourite bag... the YSL Belle du Jour clutch, cue sighs. It may taste even better than the cocktail! Well maybe not but it is my most treasured bag... I hope one day it will be like Carrie's clutch that she's had forever with the ripped lining she loses her necklace in and yet she still uses it with love everyday. Sex and The City anecdote out the way, it truly is a classic clutch that I intend to call upon for any occasion, outfit and outing and as it is so simple yet chic, its style will never fade. Yves Saint Laurent <3



  1. loving your new bag! i am gonna try the cocktail you are talking about!

  2. Your YSL clutch is fab! I completely agree with your love for the infamous lychee martini. If you are ever in Brisbane you should definitely visit lychee lounge...you will die.

  3. Wonderful clutch, absolutely love it.

    xx W

  4. love the clutch, cocktail looks yummy!


  5. i will agree its a classy clutch:) i have this one in dark purple and its also nice:) xxx

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